How Designers and Programmers Can Improve SEO Together

The competition is higher than ever, and as a business owner, you have to excel and motivate your team members to work harder than ever to boost sales and ensure the regular cash flow. But, that’s not always easy, especially because different departments in your company don’t tend to focus on joining forces. Everybody is doing their own thing, and that’s not a regretful approach if you want to continue to deliver good results. However, if you want to improve your performance and explore more practical options that will help you reach your business goals, it’s vital to create a new team and start working on improvements.

A lot of web developers don’t like SEO Services because their main goal is to improve the quality and effectiveness of their code. Web designers are not huge fans of SEO either, but if they start working together, they will be able to increase traffic, improve SEO and make your websites more visible.

Open Your World To New Possibilities

Most web designers use Flash, HTML and CSS to create a code for their website. Flash sites are great and useful, and HTML and CSS allow them to incorporate animations and interactive content into their web pages. They may look good, but they’re limiting and harder to optimize. The main problem in this situation is that these websites don’t have a good chance of ranking well in search engines.

The best solution to this problem would be to stay away from Flash, but if designers want to create an interactive platform and improve SEO rankings, they have to join forces with programmers. Together, they will be able to incorporate animations and create a stylish design for your website. If you’re struggling to improve your search engine optimization and want to see the results fast, allow web designers and programmers to work together.

Improve Page Speed

If improving your SEO is one of your main goals, you should start working on improving page speed. Page speed is crucial, especially for mobile users. If your visitors have to wait more than 5 seconds for a page on your website to load, they won’t be satisfied, and in most cases, they will leave the site. Customers are impatient, and you have to work on this issue if you want to beat your competitors. It’s advisable not to overlook this issue if you’re selling a variety of products on your website. Impatient consumers will find another brand, and you will lose the audience and clients in less than a few months.

So, what can you do to improve page speed?

One of the first things you need to do is limit the number of images and complex animation on your website. This process will enable the content to load faster. Your designers will be able to change the size of the images that are on your site, decrease their weight and remove unnecessary animated content. But, if they start working with programmers, together they will be able to optimize images for Web without losing their quality. Programmers will adapt them to the device size, which will allow all your viewers to absorb the content they find on your website.

Mobile-Friendly Websites

People are relying on smartphones because they’re multi-purpose devices. Users can send messages, call their loved ones, and visit all their favourite social media platforms and websites. Some Australian business owners still don’t know that they should invest in a mobile-friendly structure first. Once you have a mobile-friendly website, it’s a lot easier to optimize it for other devices. But, if you skip this step, it will be a lot harder to make your website compatible with all devices, and in most cases, you will have to change the code drastically to make a difference.

A mobile-friendly website will enhance the user experience, but it will also help your chances of improving your SEO. Responsive web design is all about creating a website that looks good and works well on all devices, including smartphones.

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